The Library of Illumination

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How Jackson Got his Name

Sean Roth was a popular guy, a friendly rogue with a quick wit. His best friend always called him ‘Jack’ instead of Sean and was the only person in the world Sean allowed to do that. Then Sean impregnated 16-year old Naimh Fitzpatrick. He tried to ignore her—and her condition—but the sex was good and Naimh always took him back. When she was six months along, his friend Brendan stopped buy to pick Sean up for a dart game. Seeing Naimh’s swollen belly—he rubbed it—asking, “How’s Jack’s son doing?” After that day, Brendan seemed to stop by regularly and would always ask the same thing. When Naimh gave birth to a boy, Sean insisted on calling him Jack’s Son. The hospital combined it on the birth certificate to Jackson.


* Prophet IAN c. is programmed to recognize and catalogue more than 5,475,322 scents.

* Jackson looks older than he is. Johanna Looks younger. So, they appear to be the same age. However, Johanna is seventeen months older than Jackson, which is why she often appears reluctant to ramp up their relationship.

* Every Library of Illumination has the exact same books, however, most books in each library appear in the language of the realm.

* The library of Origination exists only on Lumina, and hold far more books than any other library, disbursing them to libraries when the time is right to do so. No book is given out before its time.

* Some overseers' symbols in the e-books are different from the ones in the print version because of font limitations.

* Jackson and Johanna were protected from the effects of the space-time continuum by a combination of their Longevicus charms, and the powerful spell Myrddin placed on his workshop on Skokholm Island. It worked on them, but not on Cathasach or Beck, because Johanna and Jackson are curators. So was Myrddin.

* There are seven doors hidden in the basement of the Libraries of Illumination that protect vastly different chambers. Door 7 is the vault. Door 5 leads to a crypt for former curators. There's a nuclear room from which the blue orb powers the library behind Door 2. A Time-Map room behind Door 6 displays a requested place during different layers of time. Door 4 leads to a Duplication Room where many, but not all, items cans be replicated. Door 3 is the entrance to the Alchemy Room where materials can be transformed into something they are not. And Door 1 is so secret, no one has yet discovered what it protects.

* Jackson had a tattoo of the LOI symbol on his neck, but it disappeared during a time fluctuation.

* Libraries of Illumination have three major staircases. The most-used one is the Curator's Steps, a circular staircase connecting the first and second floors right outside the curator's residence. Next would be the Cupola Staircase which is just off-center of the main reading room and leads directly to the cupola—five flights above. The Cupola Staircase stops at no other floors. And finally, there is the Stone Staircase, located in the front of the library just to the right of the main entrance, which connects to all levels except the cupola.

* Nero 51's Illumini constellation is embedded in his seventh tentacle.