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March 2013

Instruments of Terror

terror shoe
Can you imagine being kicked in the shins by someone wearing this shoe?


But ladies, it’s a Louboutin, and if the shoe fits…


1852 LIRR Train Ticket

A cover story in Newsday this week about paper Long Island Railroad tickets riding into history brought back memories of when I rode the railroad in my youth (note: the above ticket is not mine). Back then, the seats were on a kind-of roller system that allowed you to face them forward or backward. It was good for card players enjoying a nightly game on their way home from work, or families that needed more than one seat and wanted to face each other during the trip. For me, it was the only way I could get a window seat. My brother was older, and he always won the privilege of sitting next to the window. I was always relegated to the middle seat. But sometimes, if the train was empty, the conductor would switch out the seat so I could sit next to the window too.

When I got older, I learned that the best day to go to Manhattan was Wednesday, because Wednesdays were Ladies’ Day and females rode for half price. I remember going into the city on a Wednesday looking for prom gowns with friends, and searching for a room in a boarding house in Greenwich Village when I couldn’t get a dorm room at FIT.

And every time, I had a paper ticket in hand. Now, the railroad is moving toward e-tickets and eventually, paper tickets will become quirky, and sometimes valuable memorabilia.



Apple Campus 2
I just saw this picture of Apple’s proposed plans for a new facility.

Dubbed ‘Apple Campus 2,’ it is reported by PadGadget (which cites Bloomberg as a source) that this new facility would cover more than 150 acres of land in Cupertino, California. And it’s allegedly hoping to “reach gold-level LEED certification by the Green Building Council.”

The article says Apple plans to plant 6,000 trees around the campus, and I hope it’s not so Apple can return to its roots by producing more products like this.

first Apple computer

But what really scares me is its pronounced similarity to a relativistic ion collider, like the one at Brookhaven National Laboratories on Long Island.

ion collider

The Brookhaven collider is in jeopardy, because of funding cuts, but Apple has a lot of cash in its coffers.

I’m just saying: it’s a mighty interesting coincidence.

Not Always So Grand

Before There Was a ‘Grand’ in Central

Office for Metropolitan History

The Madison Avenue end of the New York and Harlem Railroad depot, Fourth Avenue and 26th Street, in the 1880s. By then, the complex had become the first Madison Square Garden.
Published: February 28, 2013

In my series, Evangeline’s Ghost, Grand Central Station plays a part in both the first and third books, so I’m always excited when I seem historical information or pictures that I haven’t seen before. The New York Times recently featured the following article by Christopher Gray, Before There Was a ‘Grand’ in Central, which I’ve linked to below.