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March 2014

Who Needs Backup Singers?

Who knew an iPad app could be so useful? (Of course, having a band doesn’t hurt either.)

The Trials & Tribulations of a Virtual Blog Tour

I want to have a virtual blog tour for Chronicles: The Library of Illumination and began searching for potential blogs to approach. It’s more time-intensive than I ever imagined, and I’ve got a pretty vivid imagination. Sure, there are lots of bloggers out there, but I need people who blog about books; young adult books; YA fantasy books. Who knew finding bloggers who blog about YA fantasies that don’t involve vampires, zombies, or dystopian themes would be such an extremely narrow field?

But I didn’t let that stop me. I created an Excel spreadsheet with the names of blogs and websites that looked like a decent fit—after visiting each one to see what kind of books they write about. The research is time-consuming and involves a lot of dead ends. But my spreadsheet started looking like something after a few weeks of searching, so I decided to suspend the search and actually write to the bloggers I had already identified. Excitement built as I created the perfect email request and attached my book cover and summary. Every email was personalized to the specific blogger, explaining why I selected him or her. And then...


The good news is: The process didn’t involve a lot of written rejection.
The bad news is: It didn’t involve a lot of written rejection because most bloggers don’t bother responding to queries that don’t interest them.

Okay, I did get back one positive response. ONE. However, after several weeks work—I was hoping for more. I did better asking Goodreads members to “Read 2 Review” and “Read 4 Review.” To me, they apparently mean the same thing, so if any Goodreaders out there can distinguish the differences between R2R and R4R for me, I’d appreciate it. The process took much less time and I got four positive responses. That’s a total of FIVE. Five blogs or reviews do not a bestseller make.

So I hired someone to set up a virtual blog tour for me. I elected to have ten stops over two weeks. I originally thought more than ten stops seemed too labor intensive—after all—I do need time to work on my next book. In retrospect, however, I feel like I should up the ante, so I added an option to have my cover and summary posted on 40 or more blogs—the week Chronicles: The Library of Illumination comes out. You can never get enough publicity.

Here’s a preliminary rundown of my blog tour, which will run from April 22nd through May 6th:

April 22 - 
Reading Addiction Blog Tours
April 22 -
EM Havens Writes - Review
April 23 -
Avid Book Collector - Review
April 24 -
Shelf Full of Books - Review
April 26 -
Book Junky Girls - Review
April 28 - P
aranormal Romance and Authors that Rock - Review
May 3 -
Rhythem Poets - Review/Interview
May 5 -
Sam the Bookaholic - Review
May 6 -
 RABT Reviews - Wrap Up

Plus I have a stop I set up on BookinglyYours on May 3rd. “Won’t this be fun.”

Les Mousserables

I’m a sucker for Les Misérables and I love parodies so you can guess my feelings about this Sesame Street parody, Les Mousserables.

Not exactly Hugh Jackman and Anne Hathaway, but entertaining all the same.

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