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May 2016

When World Building and a Weak Memory Collide!

I’m guilty … of procrastinating. My YA fantasy novels usually come out at this time of year; however, the
Third Chronicles of Illumination is taking its time to develop. Or, at least, I am. The first draft is nearly finished. The main storyline is down, but I’m still weaving in subplots. And therein lies the problem.

I’ve built a fantasy library that is duplicated on twelve different realms, not including Lumina, which hosts “the library of origination.” So now I spend a lot of time world building. Don’t get me wrong; I love doing it. But it’s time consuming. And I have a bad memory. The solution is to use my website to catalogue most of the knowledge about the different realms. It’s like having my story bible
online. Whenever I forget a name or description, I can look it up. Easy peasy. But that in itself creates a problem, because I don’t want my website to include spoilers. I have a lot of backstory, images, and future story that I would love to place on my website, invisibly. I haven’t done it yet. I have a few blind pages on my site, but none concerning the realms.

Now I’m thinking blind pages might make an interesting promotion. Find the hidden content; send me the URL; win a free ebook. There are a lot of smart people out there who I’m sure would persevere. The problem is: do I want to expose them to the spoilers? Definitely not.

So I guess I’ll just drop any thought of trying this particular promotion. Instead, I’ll create a safe place for information I haven’t revealed yet, and keep it hidden. It won’t help my memory, but it will keep the worlds in my readers’ imaginations from colliding with my own.

If I had a mother...

… I might try this.

Happy Mother’s Day