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November 2013

Now That's A Robot

When I was a kid, my brother and I tried to build a robot. We didn’t get very far, but we really, really wanted a working robot - like Robbie. Apparently, we weren’t on the cutting edge. Long before we caught robot fever, Westinghouse was wowing the crowds at the 1939 Word’s Fair with its own robot. Take a look at what Siri’s great grandfather looked like:

This is not a “live” presentation, but an obvious a “production,” shot especially for Westinghouse. The mother reminds me of Myrna Loy (and may actually be her, although it’s not listed among her IMDB credits). Plus, the family is segregated from the actual crowd. I guess Westinghouse was already getting ready for it jump to television, even though that didn’t occur for at least another decade.