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November 2016


In just two months, the Third Chronicles of Illumination will be released, and and I've been busy taking care of last minute details and setting up promotions. So it's a little late for me to realize that this would be the first book in the Library of Illumination series that doesn't have an individual subtitle. In the past, each full-length chronicle has always included more than one book. Third Chronicles of Illumination is the first chronicle comprised of a single novel. Sure, it's called the Third Chronicles of Illumination, but it's also book eight in the series, and each individual "book" has always had a subtitle under the umbrella "Chronicles of Illumination."

So I'm thinking of calling this book: "Games." You won't see it on the cover. It's too late for that because it's already been finalized. But I think I'll add it to the "Books in this Series" page. "Games" is a good subtitle. You'll know why when you read it.

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