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Why do I suck at marketing?


So I did all the stuff I thought I was supposed to do to promote a sale on my book, Becoming Johanna, and after each step, I questioned why I didn’t add hash tags. Or why I forgot to include the LINK! Or why I just don’t hire someone else to do this for me. The truth is: I’m flunking Social Media. But I do know how to blog, and so this is what I’m trying to say:

Kindle Countdown Deal! (It’s my first. Can you tell?)

On September 6th, 7th, and 8th only, “Becoming Johanna” will be on sale for 30 to 60% off. The earlier you buy, the less it costs. And you can get it here.

If I were Tweeting this I would probably add #cheapkindlebooks and #bookbuzz. But my tweeting is deplorable and I actually forgot to do that. When I posted it on Facebook, I forgot the link.

Some day, it will all come together. At the same time. But today isn’t the day.