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I'm in Love

… With the most beautiful and unusual writing desk I’ve ever seen.

In my ongoing search for the perfect place to write, I think I’ve found the perfect desk. It’s called a Lyre Secretaire and it used to grace a private estate in Holland.

lyre secrétaire

I love the unusual shape, and being my mother’s daughter, appreciate the carved winged griffins that support each side of it. My husband always says, “If you see something you like, buy it, because you never know when you’ll see it again.” It’s a maxim I usually subscribe to, however, I think I may have to let it pass me by. The price is $39,000.00. And then I’d have to pay another stratospheric amount to have it shipped from the Netherlands.

So all I can do is dream. Or maybe I can take this picture to a graphics company to have it blown up into a life-size poster that I can decoupage to the front of an old boxy armoire.

Close… but no cigar.