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Need a Niche

There’s nothing like an article about Working from Home to get the juices flowing. Not the creative juices, sadly enough, but the need for a designated workspace. As a writer, I do a lot of research. I’m constantly surrounded by pads and pencils, sketches and notes, and my absolute favorite notebooks - Circa - by Levenger. They’re made up of covers and individual pages that are held together by plastic (or wood or stainless steel) discs. And being the type of person who can get lost for an hour in a stationary store, I’ve got tabbed inserts and a whole punch and specialty pages for my Circa Collection. And now, Staples has come up with something similar, at a much lower cost. Whoopee! Since Staples provides immediate gratification and I don’t have to wait a week or two for my goods to be sent to me, I find myself transitioning over. But I digress.


All this stuff needs a place to live, that is both handy but non-obtrusive. And it has to live with reams of paper and labels and boxes of ink and guidebooks, dictionaries, maps, books on writing technique, post it’s paper clips, stapler, whole punch, pens and pencils and files. Lots and lots of files. All I need is a 7 foot square section of quiet space to call my own, with tall shelves on top ad hidden storage on the bottom. A credenza perhaps with a nice desk to go with it.

My problem isn’t finding the furniture. I’m very good at that. The problem is finding space in my condo. It’s not like I can put an addition on the place or bump out the roof with a dormer. And enclosing my balcony is definitely not allowed. So now what?

This may become an ongoing lament as I continue writing, because more words = more books = more notes = more stuff in need of a permanent home.