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Thank God That's Over

I’ve been working over the past few weeks to help journalists enter the 2012 Press Club of Long Island Media Awards Competition. This is the first year the application process was solely online, so there was a learning curve for everyone. The good news is, we took in more than 460 entries. The bad news is, I know of people who did not enter, because as they put it, ”You can’t teach an old dog new tricks.” Still, all the people who did choose to enter kept me busy with a steady barrage of emails.

All while I was trying to compile my annual tax returns.

So ask me if I’ve written anything? I already have two new ideas for segments of The Library of Illumination (LOI), and a completed outline for a second Evangeline’s Ghost book. What I don’t have is any completed pages of new work.

I’m hoping now that the initial awards activity has settled down, and my tax prep is behind me, that I can start getting back to what I love doing best. And what I’m planning to try is blogging my next LOI segment. It’s my way of welcoming spring.