C. A. Pack

Code Name: Evangeline

The year is 1936 and political unrest is growing in Europe. When rumors circulate of Nazi plans to invade Switzerland, two elite British agents try to learn more. One steals the plans. The other is taken prisoner. Their actions result in the recruitment of an unlikely spy.

Victoria Méliès is the daughter of British nobility, the widow of a French businessman and the sister of William Tyning, a British agent - caught spying on the Germans. She is told she can save her brother, by stealing back the Nazi plans from the British War Department and exchanging them for his life. Instead, she joins forces with the Secret Intelligence Service and is assigned the Code Name: Evangeline. SIS gives her a copy of the invasion plan and tells her to agree to the ruse.

Her journey takes her from her home in France to the to the English countryside and across the Atlantic aboard the Queen Mary. She travels to New York, where a confusing tangle of high society and Broadway stars complicate her mission to find her brother, alive. And Evangeline soon learns her life is at risk, as well.

As Evangeline endeavors to save the only family she has, the British government races against time to decode a deadly plot that places the lives of the entire Swiss population, at risk.

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