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The Fifth Realm

Juvenilia is the fifth realm in the Illumini Constellation and holds a special place in the hearts of the College of Overseers for its childlike innocence. There are no adult Juvenilians. The inhabitants are all between the ages of three and fifteen and when they die of old age (sixteen), a duplicate of their three-year old self is reborn to take their place. This insures the population always remains the same. They are innocent and loyal, but also prone to jealousy, temper tantrums, and in some cases, greed.

Juvenilians are humanoid and are precocious beyond their years. A year on Juvenilia is equal to nearly seven years on Fantasia, so a 15 year old Juvenilian is actually the equivalent of a 75 year old earthling. However, while they grow to be incredibly smart, their maturity level almost never exceeds their childlike age.

Juvenilians prefer to live in colorful houses, require a lot of leisure time for play, and are reluctant to do chores. Their diet consists almost entirely of sweets and for that reason, the overseers bioengineered wholesome food that appears to be frivolous and candy-like, but is unbelievably nutritious.

Ironically, Juvenilia is a hotbed of innovation and fresh design style, because the residents’ imaginations are not stifled by adult intervention.



§ Zenith Fullova
Teen leader:
Duddu's right hand man:
Eldest teen in Juvenilia:
Escaped twin:
Captured twin (14):
Captured twins (15):
Captured twins (13):
"Barbecue" warrior
Little girl (3):
Blue Bullaroot player:
Blue Bullaroot player:
Red Bularoot player:
Red Bularoot player:
Red Bularoot player:
Losing Bullaroot player:
Pre-teen boys (11)

Peer Meap
Waxmo and Pokkie
Selly and Cici
Rascal, Looper


JUVINI (Capital City)

          Library of Illumination
          Juvini Citi Center



A sport played on a square field with four color coded teams, each vying to score more field shots and target shots than their competitors.
Juvenile curse word
Flame thrower
Hallucinogenic beverage
A unit of measurement about six feet long


The goal of Bullaroot is simple. Four teams—red, blue, green and yellow— containing thirteen players each are assigned a color, a ball, a color-coded target eight feet above the ground and a corresponding net on the opposite side of the field, which measures two hundred square feet. The game is played in three segments called tri-matches. It is a free-for-all competition, and it’s up to each team to score as many net and target shots as they can, while facing possible interference from the three other teams.  Net scores are kicked in while on the move. Target scores are thrown from a stationary position. If a player throws a ball while on the move, he is immediately disqualified. All players have the opportunity to score points.

The targets are fitted with pressure points so balls that strike the outer rings do not score as many points as balls that hit the target dead center. A bullseye will bounce back toward the field with maximum force, provided by the spring action loaded behind each target.

Each game is preceded by a certain amount of pageantry including the announcement of the teams and the players and their respective colors. In a ceremony complete with horns playing, drums banging, and flags waving, each team runs out from a corner of the field, joining with the other team members to jog in a large circular pattern in the center of the field, before splitting up again to form a cross—with the captain closest to the center of the field and his teammates extending outward toward the center of their net. The game starts with the call to “Play on!” Each Bullaroot team captain simultaneously hurls a ball toward the team’s target to begin the game.

The game is refereed by a team of twenty 12-year-olds—five along each outside perimeter. Each referee is sworn to uphold the roots of the game and takes his or her job very seriously.


Before Bullaroot, Juvenile sports usually pitted two teams against each other, but in many of those games, there were long scoreless stretches of time that bored the spectators. Then someone got the idea that double the teams would mean double the excitement and Bullaroot was born. Having one team defending itself against three others keeps everyone on their toes and entertains the crowd.


Net Score: 3 points scored when the ball is kicked into the net from a stationary position

Target Score: 5 points when a ball is thrown and hits dead center; 3 points when the ball hits off center; 1 point when the ball connects with the out rim

Double Rebound: a single play in which a ball hits the target, and is subsequently kicked into the net on the rebound. It is a very difficult play to achieve considering the target and net are on opposite ends of the playing field. It doubles the point score.

Disrupters: a team member assigned to play on an opposing team’s quarter field and disrupt the play of competing games without touching the players

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