Imagination is everything...

Evangeline: Dead or Alive... It’s your choice


          In Code Name: Evangeline Victoria Méliès is very much alive, and joins the British Secret Intelligence Service to help find her brother, who has been taken prisoner by the Nazis. Her journey takes her from Paris to London and then across the Atlantic on the Queen Mary, as she heads to New York. There, she meets and mingles with high society, Broadway stars and a few Nazi sympathizers as she tries to secure the release of her brother, William. Victoria's undercover efforts do not end with that mission. Indeed, she is so highly regarded as an unlikely spy, she is used by the SIS for several more sensitive missions.

          However, doing the bidding of the SIS can be dangerous work, and Victoria is eventually forceed to meet her maker (or at least, one of his emissaries). Evangeline's Ghost follows our intrepid spy's escapades, when she is eventually forced to transition into the ether of Heaven and Earth.

          As a ghost, Evangeline has uncovered an assassination plot against President Harry Truman, been tasked with helping a teenage girl from France find out what happened to her father who disappeared while demonstrating an illusion for magician Harry Houdini, and is now being assigned to stop Bolshevik anarchists from blowing up a bridge.

          Being a ghost, Evangeline can travel through time and space in the blink of eye, and her missions have taken her to 1946, 1926, and now 1918, all eras taking place during her lifespan and easy for a fairly new ghost to manage. But with each mission, Evangeline picks up a few more supernatural tricks, much to the consternation of her superiors - the Celestial Hierarchy and the Collective. And she is constantly being called on the carpet to answer for her transgressions.