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Illumini Primo

Realms of the Library of Illumination

Libraries of Illumination exist on twelve realms;
the Library of Origination is on Lumina.

After the beginning, but before the middle years of the existence of the Library of Illumination, the realms housing all literature fought so viciously among themselves, that it was decided to isolate them to preserve the history of literature. According to decree, the only connection between realms would be enchanted portals, controlled by the College of Overseers. Only the COO would have the power to transport through the portals to the twelve realms. The College of Overseers vowed not to interfere with the autonomy of the individual realms, unless the status quo was purposely tampered with by an internal or external force that overturned the delicate balance among the twelve different sovereignties.



Master: Ryden Simmdry
Dean: Horatio Blastoe
Dean: Artemus Rexana
Dean: Grappho Pluck
Dean: Galio Abbingdon
Dean: Zenith Fullova
Dean: Pru Tellerence
Dean: Reichel Bean
Dean: Marsh Kierand
Dean: Proteus Bligh
Dean: Rubicon Zenicon
Dean: Selium Sorium
Dean: Plato Indelicat (d)
successor: Dame Erato
Consensus of All
Primary Realm - Lumina
Capital City - Lumi: Home of the College of Overseers

First Realm - Romantica
      Classification: V
      Curator: Natalia Dalura

Second Realm - Adventura
      Classification: R
      Curator: Prophet IAN c.

Third Realm - Educon
      Classification L
      Curator: Dr. Infinitis

Fourth Realm - Scientico
      Classification: G
      Curator: Galon Senter

Fifth Realm - Juvenilia
      Classification: V
      Curator: Peer Meap

Sixth Realm - Dramatica
      Classification: R
      Curator: Furst

Seventh Realm - Comedia
      Classification: L
      Curator: Abbello Abbato

Eighth Realm - Inspiracon
      Classification: G
      Curator: Issiopia

Ninth Realm - Mysteriose
      Classification: V
      Curator: Hu, the Elder

Tenth Realm - Numericon
      Classification: R
      Curator: Pi

Eleventh Realm - Fantasia
      Classification: L
      Curator: Johanna Charette

Twelfth Realm - Terroria
      Classification: G
      Curator: Nero 51

Realm Classifications

Readers are transported on a vacation adventure inside whatever book they choose

Books come to life with the scene from the page they are opened to

Genie of the book appears to determine the readers true intention and either offers assistance or stops those with nefarious intent

Books rearrange themselves daily in order of importance to what will happen that day

LOI Inclusion Agreement

Each realm is self-sufficient and operates independently. In return for the guidance of an overseer, the realm pays a tithe—not money but the inclusion of all its new literature, art, math, and music into all the Libraries of Illumination. That way everything that’s newly created on an individual realm automatically becomes part of the entire library system on all of the realms.

Portals to the Libraries of Illumination by Realm Number

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LOI Portal System

The portals, which are transport devices, are hidden among the triquetra-shaped cupolas of the libraries, which all shared the same basic layout, to designate equality. For more than 12-million millennia there was no reason to modify the properties of the portals. However, after the Two Millennia War, the portals were re-programmed to automatically switched direction whenever breached, so the culprits (like fish out of water) would be misdirected from their intended destination.Then, an innocent breach originating on Fantasia, unleashed a war among the powerful founts of knowledge that threatened the very existence of literature. The overseers reacted by sealing the portals.