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Illumini Mission Statement

The mission of the Library of Illumination is to preserve ancient tales and history and to protect every bit of knowledge that it committed to paper, canvas, inidri, stone, bark, caspirt and various other materials and media on which ideas and masterpieces are recorded. We serve all peoples within the Illumini Constellation to protect our combined literary resources.
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Library Regulations

No one library is more important than the others.
          All Libraries of Illumination have been created equally, although they share different properties. The libraries are to be ruled by the College of Overseers, comprised of twelve deans and a master. Each dean is to be assigned to a different realm, however they all must work together as part of a single telekinetic entity.

The libraries were created to assess, inform, illustrate, and entertain.
          Romantica, Juvenilia, and Mysteriose are class V libraries. They entertain. Their visitors actually enter into the books they read and become auxiliary characters.
          Adventura, Dramatica, and Numericon are class R libraries. They inform. Their books rearrange themselves daily, in the order of their importance to current events in that realm.
          Educon, Comedia, and Fantasia are class L libraries. They illustrate. They each have books that come to life.
          Scientico, Inspiracon, and Terroria are class G libraries. They assess. Their books each have a presence that appears and determines the reader’s true intention for selecting it.

The portals are the official means of travel between libraries.
          Originally, the libraries were designed to work together, allowing users to travel among them through the portals.
          NOTE: The portals were sealed after the Two Millennia War to thwart military incursion.

All libraries house all accumulated knowledge of all twelve realms.
          Literature, art, music, history, text, mathematics, scientific formulae, politics, drama, comedy, imagery, language, etc.

Library property is sacrosanct.
          The sale, transfer, abuse, destruction or mutilation of any LOI property is strictly forbidden.

Services provided by the library are a gift to the community.
          Charging for services is prohibited and will result in a curator's immediate expulsion.

The election of deans will be done through public challenges and voted on solely by the Collegee of Overseers.

          The curator of any realm is welcome to enter the challenge for overseer

    Dean's Code of Honor

    Deans must remain fair and impartial at all times.
              We cannot expect those we oversee to comport themselves properly unless we lead by example.

    Deans must refrain from any liaisons that may limit their abilities to act on behalf of all residents of the Illumini System.
              This precludes any overseer from becoming involved in any familial or intimate relationship. Sentimentality can cloud the mind. Love can color our decision-making. Fear for the safety of our loved ones can immobilize us. We must be free to act in the best interests of the many, therefore, we are precluded from falling victim to the interests of the one. All dependent relationships are strictly forbidden and punishable by loss of position, and blessings. Be forewarned: once the majorious longevicus blessing is reversed, metamorphosis could cause your biology and physiognomy to reflect your true age, which in many cases, could result in instantaneous death due to old age.

    Deans are expected to be forthright and transparent in their thinking at all times.
              United we show strength. Divided, we shall fail to prevail in the best interests of all. Unanimity is not only our greatest option, it is our only option.

    Special Characteristics

    Longevicus Blessing: Overseers are enriched with special powers including longevity (one year for every millennia); transmogrification (shapeshifting); prophetic abilities; telekinetic unification; and the potential to see in the dark; conjure objects; and to travel through time.

    Curator Orientation & Longevicus Ritual: Curators' aging is slowed to a rate of one year for every ten years, so they may serve the library for longer periods of time. They receive an implant of the Illumini constellation in their left palm which identifies them and their realms and acts as a key to some of the most secret parts of the library—like the vault.