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Lumina, The Prime Realm

Realm Classification: I
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Master: Ryden Simmdry
Dean: Horatio Blastoe
Dean: Artemus Rexana
Dean: Grappho Pluck
Dean: Galio Abbingdon
Dean: Zenith Fullova
Dean: Pru Tellerence
Dean: Reichel Bean
Dean: Marsh Kierand
Dean: Proteus Bligh
Dean: Rubicon Zenicon
Dean: Selium Sorium
Dean: Plato Indelicat

Lumi Governor:
Private Hollywood Director
Lumi Domicile Dealer
First Master—College of Overseers
Overseer during Two Millenia War
Overseer during Two Millenia War
Overseer during Two Millenia War
Eldrith Tare
Peter Dakion (aka Odyon)
Milver Dunstable
Mingud Ob
Tara Sierra
Myrddin Emrys
Leylland Eritheon


Rotating the right forefinger in an upward spiral to denote approval


LUMI (Capital city):

          University of Lumi, home of the College of Overseers
          The Library of Origination
          Grand Illumi Hotel
          Luminette Park
          Governor's Palace, home of the governing council
          Hall of Records
          Mint Illumi
          IllumOrangerie Restaurant
          Illumi Transport Center
          The Luminan Museum of Natural History


          Consolidated Farms


          Consolidated School System


          Artistry & Amulets


          Artistic Pottery & Glassworks
          Illumini Art Studio
          Ranbi Conservatory of Music


          Illumini Hospital


          Consolidated Farms


          Illumini Manufacturing Center
          Fridi Clothiers


          Illumini Armaments &Weaponry


          Toro Mines
          Toro Desert

No eating in public
No littering
No loitering
No shouting
No skipping
No singing
No dancing
No raucous laughter
No yodeling
No swearing
No advertising
No unauthorized travel
No unauthorized marriages
No coupling without sanction of marriage
No secrets
No complaining
No outward displays of poverty*

*Residents should seek assistance at a Benefits Center at the first sign of financial hardship


Lumina is the prime world in the constellation of Illumini. It is more than 85% diamond with a bioengineered atmosphere to support life. The Ancients were a superior race who created the realms on twelve different worlds. When they looked for a thirteenth world to host Lumi, they couldn’t find a suitable one for their purposes, so instead they chose a planet almost entirely composed of graphite and diamond. Lumina was uninhabitable before that, at least by beings who needed an oxygen-rich atmosphere. The Prime Realm's water, air, minerals, and vegetation were all bioengineered by the Ancients in the proper ratios to produce a habitable environment. The Ancients also created an atmospheric ring around Lumina to prevent the world’s bioengineered air from evaporating. That ring also prevents other natural resources, like diamonds, from leaving the system. Any attempt to remove one would result in an explosion once it reached a certain altitude, terminating whatever vessel carried it. However, Luminan diamonds are no more valuable there than stone is on Fantasia because they are plentiful--although intrinsic value would depend on the grade of the material.

Originally, the majority of Overseers were female, but over the millennia that had changed and the were replaced mostly by males. However, the balance appears to be reverting to what it once was.


Lumina’s Dirty Little Secret
It took a few tries to get the atmospheric mix on Lumina just right, and an early catastrophe resulted in the first settlers on Lumina mutating into marine-like creatures. The outcrops were bathed in light and oxygen, however the mutations could not devolve into their previously human form and were, for all intents and purposes, ignored by the Luminans who eventually took residence on the outcrops. According to folklore some early inhabitants hunted the mutated mammals as a delicacy, but later laws were enacted prohibiting all forms of cannibalism within the realm.

Transport discs are the preferred means of transportation in the capital city of Lumi and are powered by solar energy and controlled by thought waves. The capital city has meandering pathways, large enough to support multiple discs, however, Luminans wishing to travel greater distances at faster speeds often use the less scenic underground inter-fares.

Transport between outcrops is only allowed with government approval and is primarily done by sea. However, Luminan waterways can be extremely dangerous, which is why all travel is governed and monitored.

There are airworthy transport discs, but they are extremely expensive to maintain and are only used by the most wealthy residents. Safety is in no way guaranteed and the government urges residents to use them only when necessary.

The library on Lumina differed from all others in the Illumini system in its design and layout. The Ancients fabricated the massive round building entirely out of diamond, because wood was unavailable when the library was created. It was inarguably the oldest structure in Lumi but not the grandest—by choice. The rest of the capital city wore a cloak of sophistication, however, the Library of Origination, the basis for Libraries of Illumination on twelve worlds, could be called understated in its simplicity. Even though the shelves glinted like diamonds and reflected light in a brilliant display of color, very few people—other than the College of Overseers—knew of its existence. A high wall protected it from prying eyes on the outside and its roof did not rise into a dome like surrounding buildings—specifically to not draw attention to its existence. The deans considered the Library of Origination their most precious gem, even though the exterior of the diamond structure would not be considered extravagant or special by Lumi standards.
One of the traits it did share with the other libraries was the dozen portals connecting it to libraries on other worlds. However, instead of a cupola, this library had the equivalent of the top of a large crystal egg jutting out of the center of its main floor, and portals danced around the egg in an undulating design.




an element that can be woven into a protective material that is as strong as diamond or metal
combination lock
cross between a pony and a goat
indigenous Luminan fruit
the underbelly hide of a phanti, a mammoth-like animal with leather-like skin
Fantasian liqueur (Japanese)

Musi Morti is a haunting Luminan hymn, sung only at the passing of members of the College of Overseers

Each dean's miter is embedded with the constellation of Illumini with a significant diamond indicating which realm the overseer represents

  • Bornivor Heart—Comedia
  • Herg Wine—Dramatica (extracted from the brains of tzen-tzalis, an aardvark-like creature)
  • Roast Beef—Fantasia

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