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Mysteriose, The Ninth Realm

Realm Classification: V
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Proteus Bligh

Hue the Elder
Dron the Elder

Sean of Oster
Val Dvir
Drace the Elder
Drefol, Tensia, Garon

High Priest
High Priestess (curator—stripped of privileges)
A.k.a. Rathbarth, Son of Visbur, he is a shapeshifter who disappeared during the Two Millennia War
Political representative of the village of Oster
Mecox Priest
High Priestess
Ruling Council member
A student of the priesthood
Val Dvir’s assistant
Mysterian family
Young priest


Library of Illumination

Here on Mysteriose, prevarication is to be expected.
Hue the Elder to Malcolm Trees, Chancellor of the Exchequer


The skies over Mysteriose are predominently gray with an odd silver glow escaping between layers of may be clouds. The structures beyond those lining the Town Square are more like mounds—inset with rocks—than buildings. And there are masses of dark, droopy trees, their trunks covered with lichen and their branches draped with silvery-gray threads. A proliferation of webs connect many of the trees with the remnants of insects and small creatures entangled in their hold.

The exterior of the Mysterian Town Hall is similar, in architecture at least, to the town halls on other realms. However, the interior has wide open stone seating pits rather than rooms filled with furniture. Hand-woven Mysterian tapestries hang from the rafters, the larger ones acting to divide the space.


      The Mysterians sided with Terroria in its unbridled thirst for power and its scheme to take over the entire Library of Illumination system. The triple alliance among Terroria, Adventura and Mysteriose conspired to overturn the Council of Twelve, a governing board formed by the curators of each of the Realms (now defunct). In a well-planned coup d’état, the three rogue curators seized control of the Council of Twelve and commanded their troops to use the portals to invade each Library and take over its operation.
      The population of each Realm rose up to fight the invaders, but could not break the defenses of the well-protected Libraries. The nine Realms that had not allied with the Mysterians, Terrorians, and Adventurites suffered severe deprivation at the hands of their captors, and the populations on some worlds decreased by more than half.
      The College of Overseers moved to seal the portals, isolating the rebels in nine separate battles. The First Inter-Realm Peace Council was convened by the Overseers. Rebel leaders agreed to attend, but as soon as the portals reopened, Terrorian curator, Claff 8, ordered new troops to transport into the war zones and push for victory. He took two of the Overseers prisoner and had them executed in a demonstration of power.
      The remaining Overseers escaped and the portals were again sealed—their configuration scrambled—so that anyone breaching a portal could never be sure where they would emerge.
      It was not until the Overseers secretly built a one-way portal door to a cell in Lumina, that there was finally a break in the war. In a stunning use of reverse propaganda, it was leaked that the portal doors would be opened, so a secret emissary could travel between worlds, but in fact, no such visit was planned. All the portals were reconfigured to lead only to the Luminan cell, and all of the newly recruited rebel fighters, along with Claff 8, were captured. Claff 8 turned his weapon on himself, rather than be forced to give up crucial information. Many of the other rebel fighters broke down and told the Luminans everything they knew. Claff 8’s allies were taken into custody and after cross-examination were found guilty of treason and put to death.
      Special Luminan troops were sent to each Realm to restore order. There was a substantial amount of bloodshed during a half-century period while the troops battled to regain control of the Library of Illumination. Once peace was established, new curators who swore loyalty to the College of Overseers were put into place and the portals were sealed. The Two Millennia War had ended, but has not been forgotten, especially by those Realms that suffered the deepest losses. (For more information, refer to “The New Epoch,” by Summeria 15).

A demeaning slur
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