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Scientico, The Fourth Realm

Realm Classification: G
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Galio Abbingdon

Galon Senter


Library of Illumination

Scientico is the fourth realm in the Illumini Constellation and prides itself on its systematic methodology. Like its sister realms, Numericon and Educon, Scientico is dedicated to research and experimentationin particular chemistry, physics, and biology.

Scienticon males are easily identified by their bullet shaped heads devoid of any hair follicles—except for luxuriant eyebrows and moustaches. The females also have bullet shaped heads, with luxuriant ear hair. Inhabitants have determined that their absence of hair allows them to spend more time on study than on styling. Unfortunately, the excess ear hair of Scienticon females makes them hard-of-hearing. As a result, Scientico was one of the first realms to perfect hearing implants that are embedded behind the ear, to allow sound waves to be vibrate against the skull, allowing females to hear more easily.

Scienticons believe space is not only curved, but made up of a collection of spheres that overlap and interact with each other creating areas of extreme density, as well as vacuums. The inhabitants of Scienticon eschew angles of any kind (although admit in many cases straight lines are a necessary evil) and their beliefs are reflected in their surroundings, vehicles, and preferences for art. Scienticons who do not work in the labs and universities, devote themselves to agriculture and farming, where they grow potatoes (round), raise chickens (curved), and distribute eggs (ovoid). Scienticons who work in manufacturing produce balls, hoops, and boomerangs.

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