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The Library of Illumination Floorplan

The floor plan for the Library of Illumination has always been a closely guarded secret because the Realms all share the same plan, and becoming knowledgable about one Library meant having intimate knowledge of all the Libraries. As a protection, the floor plan was never committed to paper. Instead, it was carved in stone on the main pillar of each Library's subterranean level 56. Below, the plans for the top six levels have been secretly reproduced starting with the cupola. You must excuse the graininess and crackling of the designs and instead marvel that these plans have managed to survive millions of millennia.
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The Chamber of Doors

On sub level six of the Library of Illumination lies a Chamber of Doors, that can only be accessed by that library's curator. The entrance is hidden behind the stone wall of a storage room. Once a curator holds their left palm against the stone, it withdraws revealing seven doors. Each door protects a special secret.

  • Door 1 — ?
  • Door 2 — The Utility Room — this is where the blue orb that powers the library performs its "magic"
  • Door 3 — The Alchemy Room — where objects can be turned into something they are not
  • Door 4 — The Dupliclone Room — recreates almost anything: animal, mineral, vegetable, solid, liquid, gaseous
  • Door 5 — The Crypt — the resting place for former curators who have died
  • Door 6 — The Omniscient Map Room — shows any location a curator asks for during any requested time period
  • Door 7 — The Vault Room — protects the library's most cherished objects, or anything a curator believes needs protection