Eahta Frean fram Drycræft

The Eahta Frean fram Drycræft is a secret association of magicians known as the “Eight Masters of Wizardry.” Each one is especially proficient in on of eight specialities: 1) alchemy, 2) transmogrification, 3) telekinesis, 4) prophecy, 5) healing/hurting, 6) conjuring, 7) time manipulation, 8) totalis pereamus, and all strive to master all the specialities.

Myrddin's Workshop

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Myrddin could only come to life inside the Library of Illumination, or inside his workshop on Skokholm Island, Wales. Viviane, the Lady of the Lake, made sure of that after she turned the sorcery he taught her against him, and trapped him inside the sandstone cliff. He couldn't get out, but that didn’t prevent him from conjuring and experimenting and noting his findings in a memoir entitled Myrddin Sóþspell. It’s part diary, part spell book, part philosophical treatise.

Myrddin could not escape. There was no tunnel, although he made a good start of burrowing one, but could not finish it in his lifetime.

His story came to light after the earthquake of 1690. The tremor was felt as far away as London. It apparently created a chasm that was discovered by a like-minded sorcerer looking for solitude on this island. Further investigation revealed a cavelike opening that led to the tunnel Myrddin had started to carve out. That sorcerer ultimately discovered this laboratory and Myrddin’s skeletal remains.

Myrddin’s body may have left this mortal coil, but his soul lingered. He imbued the pages of his workbook with his energy, which lived on inside the cave where he had been banished by Viviane. His notes briefly state his belief that he could probably materialize inside the Library of Illumination within the confines of his memoir. He seemed to have some kind of connection with the library, although the Eahta Frean fram Drycraeft have never been able to figure out what that is.

Mark of the "Eight"

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Members of the Eahta Frean fram Drycræft wear gold ring with deep red intaglio stones carved with a double eight intertwined with a dragon rampant. The same symbol is tattooed on each members wrist and is believed to be ascribed with special powers.

Current Members of the "Eight"

Cathasach Caird of Scotland
Robert Birk of Switzerland
Zendali Zendaga of Zimbabwe
Mateus Ferrari of Brazil
Alianessa Anjou of France
Brychan Rhydderch of Wales
Edmund Beasom of England
Veronika Veselov of Russia.